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[SCYE] Loden Cloth Tailored Trousers

[SCYE] Loden Cloth Tailored Trousers

Sai Roden Cross Tailored Trousers

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Trousers with one pleat and a wide silhouette.

The pattern is made with in-tack stitching, so the thickness does not spread out too much horizontally and it gives a three-dimensional look both front and back.

The silhouette tapers gently towards the hem.

The hem is wide, giving it a traditional look.

It features suspender buttons that give it a classic feel, and seat cuts that give it a finely tailored look.

The fabric is a loden cloth material from the Stelloni collection, a high-end line by Mapel, an Italian company .

Although it is a thick material, it is flexible, waterproof, and highly durable.

The thick fabric makes this a great piece to wear in the winter too.

The waist is loose, so you can tighten it with a leather belt around your waist for a classic look.


*The hem is left unfinished.

38: Waist 84, Hip 30.5, Thigh 34.5, Hem 24

40: Waist 86, Rise 31, Thigh 35, Hem 24.5


100% wool

[Country of origin]

Made in Japan

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