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[SANDERS] Military Derby Shoes

[SANDERS] Military Derby Shoes

Sanders Military Derby Shoe

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MILITARY DERBY SHOE is a collection designed from lasts (wooden molds) based on the archives of military shoes held by SANDERS, the official supplier to the British Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Sanders | Sanders Straight Tip _ apartir Nagoya Select Shop

Among them, the straight-tip, open-lace shoe is said to be the representative model.

The toe cap and wings feature three distinctive stitch lines, also known as Puritan stitch, made using a three-needle sewing machine, which is now rare.

The heel part is allowed to feature the British crown mark.

Sanders | Sanders Military Derby _ apartir Nagoya Select Shop

DERBY is a general term for shoes with wings that cover the instep, also known as "outer wings." Another advantage is that the wings open wide, making them easy to put on and take off.

The upper is made of polished leather.

It has a glossy finish, is resistant to scratches and dirt, and is relatively resistant to rain.

After brushing, polish with a soft cloth dampened with a small amount of water to maintain the luster.

It is easy to care for, so it is recommended for those who are wearing leather shoes for the first time.

Sanders | Sanders MILITARY DERBY SHOE _ apartir Nagoya Select Shop

The shoes are made using the Goodyear welt method, which involves first sewing the upper, insole, and welt (the edge of the sole) together, and then sewing the outsole on, in two sewing processes.

The advantages of these shoes are that the soles can be replaced and they fit well to the foot, becoming more comfortable the more you wear them.


This collection was designed from lasts based on archive military shoe models held by Sanders, the official supplier to the MOD (British Ministry of Defence).

We have a range of all-round models that can be used with both casual and dressy styles.


UK6:JP25.0 - 25.5cm

UK7:JP26.0 - 26.5

UK8:JP27.0 - 27.5

Upper: Polished calfskin
Sole: ITSHIDE COMMANDO rubber sole
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