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[SCYE BASICS] Wide Leg Jeans

[SCYE BASICS] Wide Leg Jeans

Cybasics Wide Leg Jeans

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The thickest model among the denim that Sai offers.

Wide straight with a gentle tapered pattern that falls neatly to the hem when worn.

By tightening the large waist with a belt, you can enjoy the volume from the hips to the hem.

The deep rise design allows for a relaxed fit and a traditional yet elegant look when tucked in.

The material is San Joaquin cotton. The rope is dyed with indigo, and the more you wear it, the more it blends into your skin and has a dry texture.

The larger size is designed to be worn with a belt, so please keep this in mind when making your selection.

If you use a slender rhinoceros belt with it, it will create a great atmosphere.

This is available in unisex sizes.

It is a masterpiece of wide jeans that does not have an excessive design, uses basic denim as a base, uses thick material, and has a well-calculated pattern.


29: Waist 82cm Rise 36cm Inseam 77cm Waist 37cm Hem width 26cm

30: Waist 84cm Rise 36.5cm Inseam 78cm Watari 37.5cm Hem width 26.5cm

31: Waist 86cm, Rise 37cm, Inseam 79cm, Waist 38cm, Hem Width 27cm



[Country of origin]


san joaquin cotton

It is spun from cotton harvested in California's San Joaquin Valley, and is one of the highest quality, high-quality cottons grown in the fertile land and clear air of San Joaquin.

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