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A washable leather tote that is environmentally friendly.

This tote bag is made from sustainable materials that age well.

We pay special attention to the comfort of the handle and the silhouette when placed, and the thickness of the leather and core material are adjusted for each size.

The leather on the bottom is double-layered to improve strength and durability. Furthermore, by using a high-density weather cloth made of polyester cotton in the same color as the lining, a high-quality finish is achieved.

This tote bag is washable.

The X-LARGE size has a handle that can be worn over outerwear or a sleeve, and a 15-inch Macbook,

There is plenty of time for magazines and a change of clothes.

Recommended for everyday use such as work, shopping, etc., as well as for traveling.

It also comes with a removable bottom material (bottom plate) to maintain its shape.

This bag combines environmental friendliness with high-quality design and will last for a long time.


X-LARGE: Height: 34 cm Width: 39 cm Depth: 18 cm Handle length: 50 cm



[ Country of origin ]


ECCO washable leather

[ECCO washable leather]
ECCO LEATHER has developed the DriTan™ process, a revolutionary technology that tans leather without using water. This makes it possible to save 25 million liters of water per peel per year. At the same time, we have significantly reduced wastewater emissions and chemical usage, minimizing our impact on the environment. This washable leather is also made using the DriTan™ method, making it an earth-friendly and sustainable leather.

Leather can be said to be a material that is easily affected by water, such as the color fading when it gets wet and the texture of the leather becoming hard after drying. We have created washable leather by making it washable so that its texture, shape, and strength do not change easily. In terms of physical properties, it is chrome tanned leather and is dyed with dyes and pigments, so there is relatively little color blurring and the quality is stable.

The leather is soft and has a matte surface. It has a finely grained finish due to embossing. Since it is made of chrome-tanned leather and dyed with dyes and pigments, it will not change much over time, but it will start out matte and smooth to the touch, and the more you use it, the more it will gradually blend in and become slightly glossy.
*Aging methods vary depending on usage conditions.

Regarding product handling
*This product uses washable leather made using a special manufacturing method developed by ECCO LEATHER.
*Hand washing is recommended when washing. When washing in a washing machine, use "hand wash mode" and dry on a hanger in the shade. Using clothespins may leave marks. After washing, it may become slightly stiff, wrinkled, or shrink slightly.
*Please note that it may cause mold if it is not completely dried.
*In order to prioritize the original texture of the leather, no color fixing treatment has been applied, so there is a possibility of discoloration, fading, color transfer, oil transfer, etc. Please note.

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