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Lino hand knit zip cardigan

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A zip cardigan using a hand-knitted knit with a vintage Cowichan sweater motif and a more modern feel and silhouette.

The material is 100% extra fine merino wool from New Zealand.

The wool of sheep grown in mountain pastures in a country blessed with moderate rainfall and seasonal changes is characterized by its bright color, softness and fluffiness.

It is hand-knitted from 9 threads, making it thick and perfect for cold weather. Furthermore, the air-absorbing properties of New Zealand merino wool make it feel light when worn, contrary to its appearance.

The Cowichan sweater is a hand-knitted sweater that originates from the Cowichan people, an indigenous people living on Vancouver Island, Canada.It is knitted from a yarn made from a blend of unskimmed wool that retains the oils and fats of the wool, and American cedar bark fibers. Due to its excellent waterproof and cold protection, it is said to have been worn while hunting and fishing.

This tightly knitted wool cardigan is hand knitted and will last a lifetime.

The neutral color between brown and orange is a color that can add an elegant accent to autumn and winter, when dark tones tend to be used.

Regarding product handling

Due to the nature of the material and knitting method, this product is prone to snagging and snagging.

Please handle with care. Please be careful of belts, bags, accessories, surrounding walls, etc. when putting on/off/wearing.

When cleaning, please check the handling label before proceeding.

[size] cm

  • 1: Length 68 width 56 hem width 49 sleeve width 21.5 cuff width 9.5 sleeve length 80
  • 2: Length 71 Width 60 Hem width 53 Sleeve width twenty three Cuff width 10 Sleeve length 86



[Country of origin]

Made in China

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