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[BRU NA BOINNE] Felissimo Black Pants OW

[BRU NA BOINNE] Felissimo Black Pants OW

Brunaboin Felicienbouche Black Pants

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"The ultimate basic denim"

Brunaboin Felicien Bouche Black Pants OW.

The contrast between the sharp design and the vertical edge is attractive.

Made from selvedge fabric woven on an old shuttle loom .

The warp threads are rope dyed, leaving the middle white, and the weft threads are cheese dyed, dyed black all the way to the core, to create a black denim with depth.

The sewing details are carefully calculated, even down to the seam allowance, to ensure the perfect fit.

It is the culmination of the experience that Brunaboin designers have accumulated .

Felicine series with ladybug embroidery .

The name means “log” and features a high-rise, wide silhouette.

The stamped riveted base on which the characters "Laughing Mon Raifu" are engraved features a maneki-neko (beckoning cat),

The brass copper plated neoprene button feet feature cherry blossoms.

The pocket lining also features a ladybug print, making this denim stylish even in places you can't see it.


Waist(cm) 78 82 86
Hips(cm) 107 112 117
Thigh Circumference(cm) 72.8 76 79.2
Rise(cm) 28.5 29.5 30.5
Inseam(cm) 73 73 73
Hem width(cm) 23.5 24.5 25.5

100% Cotton

[Country of origin]



--What is the silhouette and fabric like?

"Tsuji" is a basic straight cut with no quirks. The fabric is made on an old-fashioned power loom, and is slightly uneven denim.

Tokuda: “The image is of vintage denim from the 60s. The fabric is designed to change over time, so I think you can enjoy the beautiful vertical fading.

-What does "Felicin" mean?

"Tokuda" is the name of a tribe of fairies that appear in the mythology of the Isle of Man, which is surrounded by England and Ireland. They are fairies who love hunting, and ladybugs also have a hunter-like side to them, as they exterminate bugs that infest vegetables. That's the image that inspired the name.

--That's an interesting way to use ladybugs.

“Tokuda” In Japan, there has long been a custom of wearing lucky objects as talismans or amulets. I thought it would be interesting if denim was sprinkled with such auspicious motif details.

“Tsuji” It’s okay if there’s a face at the bottom of the glass.

-What do you mean?

"Tsuji" Isn't that a famous quote by Taro Okamoto? (laughs) There are no rules in design. It's okay to be free.

"Tokuda" The rivet maneki-neko cat and the cherry blossom engraved on the back of the button are also auspicious motifs.

“Tsuji” However, there is another reason for the ladybug embroidery under the back pocket on the right side.

Simply put, it's an icon that lets people know at a glance that it's Blue Napoin denim. Usually, the brand name would be on the leather label or the nameplate, but that alone doesn't change the look of the denim pants from what it used to be.

"Tokuda" A designer's job is to design. So if we don't bring out originality somewhere, it would be disrespectful to our predecessors who created the ordinary five-pocket design.

Tsuji: Of course, we're not just focused on the design, we're also serious about creating denim pants as a whole. Otherwise people wouldn't see the playful aspects as stylish.

--Is there anything in particular that you focused on?

“Tsuji” Actually, there is a key to creating denim pants that have a great feel.

--Is that so?

“Tsuji” Yes. It took me 25 years to get to this point. The denim is just a seam allowance. That’s it!

-One seam allowance?

Tsuji: That's right. For example, when sewing a certain part, I usually leave a seam allowance of 1 cm, but I changed it to 1.2 cm. It's just a change of 2 mm. But just that can create a really nice texture.

"Tokuda" I thought that not taking the seam allowance would make the crease less noticeable.

And there are some parts that create a nice atmosphere.

“Tsuji”If you design the denim from the seam allowance onwards, taking into consideration what kind of creases will appear in each part, the denim will age incredibly beautifully.

"Tokuda" You know those people who look very ordinary at first glance, but have a certain aura about them? That's what I'm like (laughs).

"Tsuji" Although the way colors fade varies from person to person, there is definitely a golden ratio in mathematics for how the seam allowance creates the creases. That's why with denim, the seam allowance is everything!

Tokuda: But that's not something that someone can teach us. It's difficult and interesting because we can only derive it from our own experiences, such as our own experiences working with and wearing a lot of denim, and the philosophy of the Blue Napoin brand.

"Tsuji" I think it must be unbearable for the people at the factory who make it.

--Why is that?

“Tsuji” Up until now, you could just sew the parts together like normal, but now you can adjust each part to the millimeter. That takes a lot of time and effort.

“Tokuda” That’s why Felisin denim is a pair of pants that can only be made if both the designer and the sewing factory have a strong desire to “make something good.”

About Felicine Denim

Wearing luck and happiness

The charming feature of Felicine denim is the ladybug that appears on the pocket lining when turned inside out.

They are also called messengers of the sun god because they fly towards the sun.

A symbol of happiness that will bring you happiness if it lands on your body.

The orientation, position and number of each piece are randomly placed so that each one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Although it is a detail that can not be seen when wearing,

In the Edo period, businessmen would say, "The essence of Edo is in the lining," and would sneak in puns in the lining of their kimonos.

The spirit of playfulness in even the invisible parts is the basis of Brunaboin's manufacturing and the joy of fashion.

The rivets are engraved with the words Maneki Neko (beckoning cat) and Shomon Raifu (laughing good fortune).

Various auspicious items are scattered throughout one pair of jeans.

Your dreams and wishes will come true, your luck will improve,

I hope that one day this will become a lucky item that helps everyone spread their wings and soar...

These denim pants were created with that feeling in mind.

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