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OPEN HOUR_Store business hours

OPEN HOUR_Store business hours

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Order flow

"Order flow"

Custom-made items are products that bring out the individuality of our customers.

From tens of thousands of options, we will custom-make one just for you.

We will begin with a consultation with a fitter.

We will select fabrics and buttons and design based on discussions with the customer.

We offer a variety of items from dress items to casual items to suit your needs.


Please select the product and visit date and time from the online shop web page and make a reservation.

Please feel free to visit us for a consultation.

Please enjoy our relaxing location along the Horikawa River.

Click here for information on how to make a reservation.

2. Visit us

Arrive at the scheduled time and date.

We will discuss your lifestyle, preferred tastes, brands, etc.

When you come to our store, please bring any items that you are interested in or that you like.

Click here for store location.

3. Fabric selection

We mainly use imported fabrics such as Italian brands such as ZEGNA and CANONICO, and British products such as FOX and HARRISONS.

We have a wide range of products, including domestic functional fabrics, linen, and local Bishu wool, so we will suggest something that fits your image.

4. Decide on the design

We will decide on the desired design of suits, jackets, blazers, blouson, etc.

By selecting materials such as buttons, zips, and lining, you can create an original product.


The fitter will measure your nude measurements using a tape measure.

After matching the pattern based on the measurements, we make corrections to create an item with movement and a beautiful silhouette that suits your body.


We will provide you with a quote based on the fabric, materials, and design.

7. Finished tailoring

The finished item will be fitted and delivered to you.

From here You can check business hours and reservation availability.

We also accept reservations to visit our store.

Normal business hours 11:00-20:00

*We accept reservations for visits after 8:00 pm.

Closed on Tuesdays

Please feel free to make a reservation.

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