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[SCYEBASICS] San Jaquin Cotton Midi Skirt

[SCYEBASICS] San Jaquin Cotton Midi Skirt

Cybasics San Joaquin Cotton Midi Skirt

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Midi-length skirt made from San Joaquin cotton.

The placket has two tucks out and the back has two tucks in. The deep pleats are custom made.

A silhouette that gently spreads from the waist to the hem.

By tailoring nylon grosgrain tape to the hem of the skirt,

The expanse of the hem looks nice and round.

As a skirt, it has fewer side pockets and an open placket, making it

It is easy to use and perfect for everyday wear.

Due to the slightly larger waist belt and carry-out,

This also helps when you tuck in your tops.

This is the first time a skirt is made of the same material.

San Joaquin cotton becomes richer in texture as you wear it, so

You can use it for a long time.

[Size cm]

36: Waist 68 Total length 94 Length 89



[Country of origin]


San Joaquin Chino

It is spun from cotton harvested in California's San Joaquin Valley, and is one of the highest quality, high-quality cottons grown in the fertile land and clear air of San Joaquin.

Sunjokin cotton is used for the warp yarn, and natural uneven yarn from Zimbabwe cotton from Africa is used for the weft yarn to give the chino cloth a rich and expressive ridged feel.

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