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[SCYEBASICS] Fleece Back Jersey Hoodie

[SCYEBASICS] Fleece Back Jersey Hoodie

Cybasics Fleeceback Jersey Hoodie

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"SCYE" logo lettered It's a sweatshirt.

As a rhinoceros, it is a new print logo series.

Until now, there was an embroidered rhinoceros mark, but this is an item that can express the image of the collection.

In addition to the patterns and fabrics, the logo designed by color is the key point.

The navy design is reminiscent of a college style based on the orange "Undergrad Outline Thin."

The gray is reminiscent of a sports team logo based on the gradated charcoal gray "Fty OLD SPORT CAMPUS."

The body uses Japanese-made brushed hanging fleece.

By using a rare loop knitting machine and slowly knitting it over time, it has a soft and fluffy texture that contains plenty of air.

While reproducing a vintage look, the eyes are neatly aligned and have a distinctive texture.

Although it has a basic body at first glance, it has a beautiful silhouette when worn due to the seamless stitching with flat seams and the precisely created pattern that resembles a diamond cut.

The long-awaited design work by fans will be a focal point even if you wear it under your innerwear.

This is a unisex line, so both men and women can use it.


38: Length 69cm Shoulder width 58cm, Width 59cm, Sleeve length 62cm

40: Length 72cm Shoulder width 60cm, Width 62cm, Sleeve length 64cm



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