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[SCYEBASICS] Finx Cotton Oxford B・D Shirt

[SCYEBASICS] Finx Cotton Oxford B・D Shirt

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Cybasics' standard shirt.

The design features a rhinoceros icon embroidered on the chest pocket.

This shirt is an Oxford button-down shirt tailored with Sai's skillful pattern work.

It can be used for both dresses and casual wear, with dress elements such as the collar shape, gusset, and shell buttons, and it can create a beautiful silhouette even if it is washed out.

The material used is Finks cotton.

Made of premium cotton from Egypt,

Egyptian cotton was created by cross-breeding ornamental cotton grown in Cairo with Sea Island cotton, which was said to be a mythical cotton, and was improved over several generations.

Egyptian cotton flowers are a fresh cream color. The day after it blooms, it turns pink, and once the flowers have finished blooming, the ovary swells and fluffy white fibers (cotton balls) emerge from inside. It is called a cotton flower because of its white appearance.

When it comes to cotton spinning, we focus our efforts on how to blend various types of cotton to create a quality product, with cost considerations in mind.

However, Finks denies this common sense and uses a single cotton that does not blend.

Spinning technology is also an important condition. In the hands of experienced personnel with 15 to 20 years of experience in this field, our products are the result of repeated rigorous inspections and skilled production management.

In other words, Finks yarn is a premium cotton spun using only the finest Egyptian cotton.

by the hands of skilled craftsmen The fabric is woven without pulling the threads, making the most of the flavor of the threads, resulting in a fluffy fabric.

The more you wash it, the more its texture will improve, making it softer and easier to wear.


38: Shoulder width 46 Width 55 Length 76 Sleeve length 64 Neck circumference 41 Cuff circumference 20-23cm

40: Shoulder width 48 Width 58 Length 78 Sleeve length 65 Neck circumference 42 Cuff circumference 21-24cm


100% cotton

[Country of origin]

made in Japan

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