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[Scye] Wool Cotton Gaberdine Harrington Jk

[Scye] Wool Cotton Gaberdine Harrington Jk

Sai wool cotton gabardine Harrington jacket

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A Harrington jacket featuring a supple wool-cotton outer material.

Although there are many Harrington jackets, this outerwear has excellent comfort, sewing, and pattern work.

Cotton fabric mixed with wool has a good feel and combines the quality of wool with the durability of cotton.

The quilted tartan check made from wool material for the lining provides warmth and can be worn for a long period of time.

The loose fit of the sleeves makes it comfortable to wear and allows for a high range of motion around the arms.

Raglan sleeves have room by widening the sleeves to the center of the body, but when worn, the pattern work is designed so that the room does not appear at the front or back and does not feel like it is doweled.

By tailoring the lining, the tartan check lining and the cupra sleeves are made separately, so the heat retention is not too high and can be worn for three seasons depending on the inner layer.

The side belt is tailored to the sides, called Saibara, and by tightening it, you can change the balance of the hem, so the silhouette can be changed depending on the A-line or rounded shape and how you wear it.

The front and back of the diaphragm have tucks, and you can feel the fine tailoring that is typical of Sai.

It is basic, comfortable to wear, and will be useful as an outerwear that can be used for a long time.


38: Sleeve length 90cm Length 68cm Width 67cm Hem width 57cm

40: Sleeve length 92cm Length 70cm Width 69cm Hem width 59cm


Outer fabric: WOOL65% COTTON35%

Lining fabric: Body WOOL100%

Sleeves CUPRA100%

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