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[Scye] Linen Herringbone Stand Collar Work Jacket

[Scye] Linen Herringbone Stand Collar Work Jacket

Sai linen herringbone stand-up collar work jacket

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Rhino work jacket.

The herringbone weave pattern made from high-quality linen creates a classic look.

The linen, named Pearl White, has a unique look due to the white warp and beige weft.

It has a solid weight, yet is flexible and light.

It doesn't have the itchy feeling that is typical of linen, so you can wear it over short sleeves.

In terms of military wear, it is inspired by the Czech Army, and in terms of work wear, it is inspired by French moleskin work jackets.

While incorporating military and workwear designs in the tailoring, the colors and textures are of an unprecedented level of perfection.

The design is impeccable, even down to the white change button on the small stand-up collar placket, and the surface will become rough with years of wear, giving it an even more vintage look.

The cuffs are wide and folded over, so you can fold them up to create turn-up cuff detail.

We are now approaching spring and summer, but we hope you will enjoy using this product for all three seasons.


40: Shoulder width 50, Body width 61, Sleeve length 65, Length 75, Sleeve width 21, Cuff width 16


100% linen

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