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[SCYE BASICS] Selvedge Dniem Peg Top Jeans

[SCYE BASICS] Selvedge Dniem Peg Top Jeans

Cybasix Selvedge Denim Peg Top Jeans

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Among Sai's denim products, the peg top jeans are packed with the best features of this brand in their pattern and how to wear them.

A peg top is a top shaped like a pear or fig.

These pants have a top-shaped silhouette that is very loose around the waist, has a deep rise, and narrows towards the hem.

These jeans, made by Sai, feature a custom-made gusset from the hip to the hem, making them a single piece from the hem of the right leg to the left leg.

It has a wide range of motion and does not feel stiff or stiff, which is typical of denim, and the rounded pattern work from around the waist creates a clean and beautiful silhouette.

Even the direction in which the fabric will be used has been calculated, When worn, it keeps the silhouette neat even after the hips and knees are exposed.

The material is San Joaquin cotton that has been dyed with indigo, and the more you wear it, the more it feels comfortable against your skin and has a dry texture.

The peg top is designed to be worn tightly with a belt, so please keep this in mind when choosing.

If you use a slender rhinoceros belt with it, it will create a great atmosphere.

This is available in unisex sizes.

Developed since the founding of Scye This is a masterpiece with a high degree of perfection by modifying the pattern every year.

This is a one-of-a-kind design work, so we recommend it even to customers who don't like denim.


29: Waist 88cm Rise 29cm Inseam 75cm Watari 34cm Hem width 19cm

30: Waist 91cm Rise 30cm Inseam 75.5cm Watari 35cm Hem width 19.5cm

31: Waist 94cm Rise 31cm Inseam 76cm Watari 36cm Hem width 20cm



[Country of origin]


san joaquin cotton

It is spun from cotton harvested in California's San Joaquin Valley, and is one of the highest quality, high-quality cottons grown in the fertile land and clear air of San Joaquin.

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