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Reno Freedom Sleeve Sweatshirts

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It is knitted slowly using a domestically rare loop knitting machine that can only produce about 1m per hour, resulting in a soft and gentle knitting process that does not put any strain on the fabric.

Like a vintage sweatshirt, it will naturally fit your body as you wear it,
It is characterized by the fact that it becomes clogged and has a firm texture when washed.

100% cashmere is difficult to maintain and can only be worn in the middle of winter.

This material is made from a 3% wool blend and has moderate heat retention, so it can be worn for three seasons, and is easy to care for, so it can be used daily.

The neck area has a ``inset type double V gusset'', which is rare even for vintage items, which reinforces the elasticity of the fabric around the neck and reduces stress when putting it on and taking it off.

The design around the shoulders is inspired by athletic wear that was designed to make it easier to throw in ball games at the time, and the ribs on the sleeves and hem feature circular knit ribs.

The ``Freedom Sleeve'' pattern, which is sewn from the shoulder to the arm in a curved line resembling an S-shape, is simply amazing.

The hoodie is inspired by vintage crew necks with a hood sewn on afterwards, which were made in the early 1940s, and the design includes a hood made of the same material.

Although it is a basic sweatshirt, it is an item that makes a difference in silhouette, material, and design.

The comfort is unparalleled, but the silhouette is also a pattern that is not found in vintage clothing.

A masterpiece that can be called the best sweatshirt of this season.

We also recommend pairing it with pants.

This product is unisex, so both men and women can use it.


1: Width 58cm, hem width 25cm, length 66cm sleeve length 87cm

2: Width 69cm Hem width 27cm Length 71cm Sleeve length 94cm



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