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lino duffel coat

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The name duffel coat comes from the Belgian town of DUFFEL, which is a wool producing area.

It was worn by fishermen as a work coat due to its high cold protection and imperviousness to rain and wind, and was later adopted as cold weather clothing by the Royal Navy.
LENO is based on a model from the 1940s.

We created an original toggle button that was seen on early models and was designed to be easy to release and release even while wearing gloves.

Vintage designs have been preserved throughout, such as the leg strap to prevent the hem from flapping in strong winds and the chin strap to prevent rain and wind from entering.

The slightly dropped shoulders create a relaxed silhouette that blends well with the body.

The fabric is LENO's original melton, which is a blend of Tasmanian wool and cashmere yarn.

The highly rare wool from Merino breeds bred on the island of Tasmania in southeastern Australia is whiter than regular wool, has thinner fibers, and is as soft and light as cashmere.

By washing, shrinking and compressing the fabric at the fabric stage, and repeating brushing and shearing on both sides, it creates an elegant fullness and texture that is not found in vintage fabrics.While retaining heat and durability, it also has the unique weight of wool melton. Light and comfortable to wear.

While reproducing vintage details, it is a stylish and elegant duffel coat that is not heavy.

Vintage atmosphere using natural colored hemp cord.


  • 0: Length 110 shoulder width 55 width 61.5 hem width 59.5 sleeve width 23.7 cuff width 15.5 sleeve length 54
  • 1: Length 113 shoulder width 57 Width 64 hem width 62 sleeve width 25 cuffs Width 16.5 width Sleeve length 55.5
  • 2: Length 116 shoulder width 59 Width 66.5 hem width 64.5 sleeve width 26.3 cuff width 17.5 sleeve length 60.5



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Made in Japan

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