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Due to the brand's wishes, we are unable to sell web shops with carts.

We will deal with cash on delivery sales.

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About cash on delivery mail order

Cash on delivery mail order

Product price + shipping + cash on delivery (fee): Less than 10,000 yen: 330 yen Less than 30,000 yen: 660 yen More than 30,000 yen: 1,100 yen

KUME.JP/Kume Textile Industry

Say Young T-shirt

A classic T-shirt that has been around for over 50 years.

A product packed with attention to detail that is different from modern T-shirts.

Although it has a tight silhouette and is just the right size, the loop-knit round torso allows it to stretch very well and is extremely comfortable to wear.

The extra-thick work-based collar is not only durable, but also creates a focal point around the face and makes it a focal point of your outfit.

The sleeves are slightly longer so they hide your arms.

Made with 36 count yarn, it is moist and moist. The feel of it makes me scream.

Size notation Applicable chest measurement A: Length
S 78-86cm 65cm
M 84-92cm 69cm
L 90-98cm 73cm
LL 96-104cm 76cm

*Shrinkage may occur after washing.

After 20 washes, the length of the garment is 8% and the width is 9%.

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