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[KUME.JP] Kume Textile "Raku" T-shirt Short Sleeve High Neck White

[KUME.JP] Kume Textile "Raku" T-shirt Short Sleeve High Neck White

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KUME.JP/Kume Textile Industry

Kume Textile "Raku" T-shirt, short sleeve, high neck, white

Dress properly.

It has a classy look and a collar that rises just enough to keep the heat out.

A beautiful T-shirt that maintains the relaxed comfort that only a T-shirt can provide, and can also be used for business or golfing.

It is useful for various occasions, both on and off.

"Now that T-shirts are being worn more frequently in business settings, I'm looking for a high-necked T-shirt when I want to look more formal."

This piece was born out of a comment from a certain writer.

In order to eliminate the contradiction of a high neck in the summer heat, we created a pattern with a collar that gives a high neck feel and a balanced pattern around the collar that does not make your neck feel hot.

Carefully spun and knitted from slightly thick thread, it is both casual and high-quality and comfortable to wear.

The collar fabric is tightly sewn with a binder that fits the soft body, making the neck area look beautiful.

The top and bottom seams on the cuffs and hem allow for long-lasting use.

Size notation Applicable chest measurement A: Length
M 52 72
L 55 75
LL 58 77

*Shrinkage may occur after washing.

After 20 washes, the length of the garment is reduced by 7% and the width of the garment is reduced by 6%.

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