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About payment and delivery

Due to the brand's wishes, we are unable to sell web shops with carts.

We will deal with cash on delivery sales.

Please email us the necessary information using the contact form at the bottom of the page.



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About cash on delivery mail order

Cash on delivery mail order

Product price + shipping + cash on delivery (fee): Less than 10,000 yen: 330 yen Less than 30,000 yen: 660 yen More than 30,000 yen: 1,100 yen

KUME.JP/Kume Textile Industry


Kume Textile's T-shirts come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, so you can wear them in a variety of ways, whether you're wearing them loosely or just the right size.

The woven round torso body is very comfortable to wear.

The collar fabric is tightly sewn with a binder that fits the soft body, making the neck area look beautiful.

The top and bottom seams on the cuffs and hem allow for long-lasting use.



Size notation A: Length B: Width
XS 60cm 42cm
S 67cm 45cm
M 70cm 48cm
L 73cm 51cm
XL(LL) 76cm 54cm
3L(XXL) 79cm 57cm

*Shrinkage may occur after washing.

After 20 washes, the length of the garment is reduced by 7% and the width of the garment is reduced by 6%.

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