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``LENO'' denim pants selected at our store.



This time, we will introduce LOOSE TAPERED JEANS.

Denim comes in a variety of shapes, but we use a tapered model with a beautiful shape.

The silhouette is loose from the hips to the waist, and tapered to the hem.

The rise is well-measured, so it's comfortable to wear around the waist.

Personally, I often tuck in my hair, so it has a great effect on lengthening my legs.

Because it is tapered, you can wear it beautifully regardless of your body type.

If you have a slender figure like me, it will soften your frame, and if you have a firm figure, the shape that goes with the denim will make you look sharper.

This item uses 12OZ original denim, which is a bit thin for denim and doesn't sag easily, which is unique to LENO.

The coordinating style is narrowed from the hips to the waist, so depending on the size you choose, you can wear it on the waist and wear it on the street or with a high waist for a beautiful look.

Of course, just like LENO's other denim, you can add the brass eyelets, leather patches, red ears, and other icons you want, but the simple design means you can wear it and dye it your own color.

Available in sizes that can be worn by both men's and women's customers.

Even if you match it with loose-fitting tops, the hem area is neat, creating a beautiful silhouette.

It has been given a one-wash to shrink, so it will be more spacious when worn than stated.

Don't forget to consider that.

A highly complete book for you.

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