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Sax Blue.

The word SAXONY comes from the German word SAXONY, which refers to the color of indigo dyeing.

When you hear "Saxony", you may think of winter wool fabrics, but the word comes from the same region and is closely related to clothing.

There are various wool materials, and we will discuss the difference between Saxony and flannel another time.

The Japanese definition is dull blue.

It's a cool color that gives a refreshing impression and looks great on those of us with warm colored skin tones.

The elegance of navy,

Blue active feeling,

This color combines both.

I tried to explain it again using a standard custom-made shirt color at our store, which is lined up with white shirts.

Now, on a different note, in this season when the temperature is rising, most people wear shirts as jackets.

I'm working hard on linen jackets that I'd like to have in stock soon, and it looks like they'll last for several seasons.

A band collar shirt that's perfect for putting on.

This item has a long history, having been invented in the 1300s in the Norman region of France.

This collarless shirt has a very simple and clean look, so it's an excellent design that can be worn as a jacket by opening the front and wearing it over a T-shirt.

I recently created a series of detachable shirts, and of course you can wear them tied up with a collar, but this way of wearing them is a great seasonal pattern.

This time, in anticipation of that, we chose a box silhouette and an L-shaped hem.

The design creates a well-balanced length.

This shirt has a refreshing feel to it, so you can add white to it, but adding something like navy will give it a great atmosphere.

The delivery time is about one month, so if you order during this time, it will be a good time to use it.

We would appreciate it if you could order this for those who find it difficult to wear short-sleeved shirts.

Please check the reference price on the product page .

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