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This time, we received an order from a groom for his wedding.

Recently, ceremonies that are not limited to church ceremonies are increasing, and there is a growing need for dress-up that is not limited to tuxedos.

Unlike rental, it is an order that can be used even after the rental.

It's made to order.

In preparation for the casual ceremony at the restaurant we had previously visited for a bespoke ceremony, we added a bit of a neat feel and a modern design essence to the order.

The two of them liked simple clothes and knew about new products from high-end brands, so we went in with great enthusiasm.

The two of them have a great sense of style, and I had a lot of fun listening to them talk about the ceremony process and the bride's costume.

Mode with an impression that is neither too tight nor too hard.

We will decide on the design based on these keywords.

Double front jacket with large lapels.

The lining has a houndstooth pattern.

By making the notch of the collar lower and the angle shallower, the impression is softened a little.

An image that gently embraces the customer's gentle appearance.

The metal buttons make a statement with a design that doesn't have too much play as much as possible.

The bottoms have two wide in-tucks.

Adding my knowledge of vintage and classic styles that I love.

In addition to side adjusters that can be worn without a belt, the carry length is increased,

I customized the design of the Gurkha trousers.

This created a classic yet modern silhouette.

Bottoms come in handy when you take off your jacket during the ceremony, etc.

When using it in the future, you can use it alone or break it down for coordination.

The fabric we recommended is Quattro, a mohair barasha made by the prestigious Italian company CANONICO.

The color is black and the texture is shiny but not glossy.

The texture and luster of the crisp mohair match.

This fabric used to be a standard material in Europe, where people associate it with tuxedos, but recently, due to the lack of raw wool, production has decreased, and its use seems to be decreasing.

At our store, this fabric is highly recommended for blazers and bottoms.

With Quattro, you can wear it all year round if you add some tailoring such as unlined clothing.

This time, the three-dimensional collar shape and the pleats of the tuck pants are clearly visible,

During the fitting, the silhouette came out very nicely.

Why not pay close attention to details and silhouettes and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony?

At our store, we will help you with tailoring that brings out your image.

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