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I had a custom blazer and trousers made for the wedding.

You two are beautiful.

We first met because he was a fan of the brands we select in our store.

We both love clothes and fashion is a part of our lifestyle.

I feel that the shared values ​​between the two of you create a good balance.


Those are the words that come to mind.

In fact, when I ordered, I had a lot of bespoke pieces done, and just listening to him talk about it was fun.

Stories about Supreme, Patagonia, LENO, BEAMS, and Dickies.

I can't remember them all.

This time, I put that feeling into it.

Two button placket with three button sleeves.

Three patch with hook vent.

We've included drop shoulders and other features.

I was so moved when I saw the photos of the two of you that arrived.

Wedding Nagoya Custom Suit Tuxedo apartir Nagoya
Custom Tuxedo Nagoya Apartir Nagoya Station Fushimi Station

Order is a product in which clothes are made to order through communication with the customer.

Apartir's custom orders utilize the customer's hobbies and lifestyle to bring out their best.

As a tailor, I am of course familiar with suit history, trends, dress codes, and other aspects of suits,

My goal is to incorporate the concepts and designs of the collection brands involved in the clothing production each day and season.

Many people may have the impression that ordering is intimidating or formal.

That was the case with me as well.

That's the image I have, but I don't think there's any need to dispel it.

Something that is difficult to get to means it is valuable, and something that is hard means it is solid.

When it comes to tailored jackets, trousers and shirts, you probably don't have the design you need compared to the range of ready-made items available.

There's nothing more fun than being able to give shape to your identity like that.

We want you to experience ordering and learn about it.

We can accommodate not only your body shape but also details and design.

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