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I'm not sleepy...


We recommend ordering a shirt.

It's been a while @sleepyboy___zzz.

I had a custom shirt made for the upcoming season.

One of them features a striped fabric in a vintage color scheme, a wide collar, and clerical cuffs.

The light, sheer material is beige with random stripes of salmon pink and sax blue.

The design is reminiscent of France's Charvet, one of the world's leading shirt makers, which I came across in a second-hand clothing store in Paris, and the key features of the design are the front tailoring, boxy silhouette, and slant-cut hem.

The French have a culture of cherishing and using things for a long time, and they often adjust the sleeves and cuffs of their shirts as they wear them.

His wide range of experiences were put to good use in creating this order, which expanded the image.

The other is Thomas Mason's Tattersall.

The design of the tab collar round and cleric accents give the product an original look, combining the prestigious British style.

For him, who has recently started wearing suits, this is a piece that allows him to enjoy suiting as well.

Of course, I'm sure he'll be able to pull it off even if you dress it down with jeans and chinos like he did today.

The balance can be achieved by matching the belt and shoes,

He's really good at tucking in his clothes, and his advice on this is very helpful.

Ordering your own jewelry allows you to make fine adjustments and choose the design that best suits you.

Why not try a design that brings out the charm in your everyday clothes, just like his.

At apartir, we accept orders for shirts.

Please enjoy the thoughtful designs that go into each piece.

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