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We also accept orders for women's items.
I had a blazer made for women.
Nagoya, custom-made suits, ladies' blazers

She runs the brand @_escape_jp and has a lovely sense of style and lifestyle.

We created a double-breasted blazer for the increasing number of occasions that will be available from March onwards.

The order included elements of current Celine and vintage Ralph Lauren.

The slightly tapered box style body is roomy.

The length of the garment and sleeves are intentionally long, with the arms tapering towards the cuffs.

It's impressive how she can pull off such an accented style so effortlessly.

We asked her to pick out some select brand LENO items stocked in the store and coordinate the outfit.

The combination of custom and select, cheap and chic, is exactly what we aim for.

This time, the fabric chosen is Canonico's Super 100s flannel, which has a slight sheen for a flannel and gives it a luxurious and soft feel.

The brass gold buttons will also become even more appealing from now on.
Nagoya Select Shop Designer Order Line

We have seen an increase in orders for women's clothing recently, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

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