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Cascade Tailored Jacket

We are releasing a new pattern on the order line.

"Cascade Tailored Jacket"

Our custom jackets and suits are made to order, with measurements taken and altered to suit your body's characteristics, allowing us to create a comfortable fit and a beautiful silhouette.

In addition, by designing the details to suit your lifestyle and the situation, stress when wearing the product can be reduced.

With this premise in mind, many of them are slim and fit snugly.

The cascade jacket pattern being released this time has a flowing shape and ample room, creating a relaxed yet sophisticated style that fits in with urban environments.

Drop shoulder

•Wide armholes

No interlining, extremely thin

•Three-dimensional, rounded silhouette

Not only is it a large size, but it also gives the impression of a clean style while still giving a relaxed feel.

-Recommended order image-

-The pattern has a large range of motion, making it an active model made from functional materials that are stretchy and easy to care for.

- A casual jacket made from linen, cotton and mohair.

-A traditional jacket made from classic natural materials.

What many customers are looking for these days is a clean, relaxed jacket that doesn't feel too tight.

That being said, I think the fun part of fashion is expressing your own identity by using fabrics and linings that aren't available in ready-made products.

When you meet an acquaintance you haven't seen in a while, when you're at work, you want to consider how it looks, how convenient it is, and even the occasion.

The pattern has been designed to meet new needs in the post-COVID era.

We will provide you with suggestions on the drop, amount of room, sleeve length, and even length of the garment.

This time we chose Keith Haring, but feel free to have fun with the lining.

Reference price: Japanese functional material, kneaded buttons, open front, cupra lining

¥68,000-+tax (depending on fabric, buttons, and specifications)

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