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[SCYEBASICS] Selvedge Denim Straight Leg Jeans

[SCYEBASICS] Selvedge Denim Straight Leg Jeans

Thigh Selvedge Denim Straight Leg Jeans

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Cybasics straight jeans.

Our denim line features straight jeans with just the right amount of slenderness.

A product that can be called a masterpiece of slim denim.

The silhouette is gently tapered towards the hem, making it a neat and clean fit.

The material is denim with red selvedges, woven on a shuttle loom using 7th count uneven yarn, which is a blend of American and Australian cotton, in the vertical direction and 6th count straight yarn in the horizontal direction.

We use several types of cotton thread with different counts and colors, and use a Union Special sewing machine made in the United States, which is no longer in production.

By using cotton thread, the thread will shrink as the fabric shrinks, resulting in the twists and flops that are characteristic of selvedge.

The high-back silhouette creates a flattering silhouette when worn around the hips.

Available in unisex sizes.


27: Waist 76 Watari 27 Hem width 19 Rise 28 Inseam 85 Total length 111

29: Waist 82 Watari 29 Hem width 20 Rise 29 Inseam 84 Total length 112

31: Waist 86 Watari 30 Hem width 21 Rise 30 Inseam 85 Total length 113



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