International Shipping

"International Shipping: Two shipping methods"
  • "Direct delivery"
    As apartir, we deliver directly to overseas (some areas).
    Shipping charges etc. can be confirmed from the cart and shipping policy.

  • "Transfer com"
    There is a service ( Inc. International Delivery Service) that temporarily stores your luggage in Japan, including other areas, and then forwards it overseas. By registering with, you will be able to safely ship items from Japan to overseas, or from overseas customers to your home country. detail
    3 steps
  1. Register a dedicated address on

    When you register with, you will be issued with a dedicated address for overseas shipping. (Registration is free)

  2. Purchase products at apartir online

    Enter the special address issued in step 1 as the delivery address for the product.

  3. transfers products outside of Japan

    The product has arrived at's warehouse in Japan. You will be required to pay the international shipping fee and the product will be shipped outside of Japan.

    • usage fee

      Usage fees start from 580 yen. (Forwarding fee 50 yen ~ + international shipping fee 530 yen)

      The usage fee for overseas shipping service is the total amount of "transfer fee" + "international shipping fee (EMS)". You will be required to pay the usage fee when the product is delivered to's warehouse. Once payment is completed, we will begin the international shipping procedure.

  • Click here to register as member
  • please note

    - Registration with is required to use this service.
    ・Separately, service usage fees and international shipping charges will be charged.
    ・For Apartir, you will be required to pay the product price + domestic shipping fee to
    ・Please select "Credit Card" or "Rakuten Pay" as your payment method.
    - If you select "Cash on Delivery" as your payment method, the cancellation will be automatically processed. ( cannot accept cash on delivery orders.)
    - Fees for using vary depending on the weight of the package and the destination.
    - Co., Ltd., an international delivery service provider, is a separate company from Right-On Co., Ltd., so please contact Co., Ltd. for inquiries regarding international forwarding services.
    - We do not accept returns or exchanges for products ordered using or other forwarding services. Please note.