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What is ScyeSPECS?

Scie Specs is an eyewear brand created through a collaboration between eyewear brands GLOBE SPECS and Scie.

This project started because Mr. Okada of GLOBE SPECS, who loves clothes, wears Scye, and the SKYE members, who like glasses, use GLOBE SPECS eyewear.

Scye and Glovespecs combine their rich experiences and sensibilities to create a collection that interweaves a classic world view and the atmosphere of the times from both the world of fashion and the world of eyewear.

GLOBE SPECS is a select shop founded in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1998 that stocks high-quality eyeglasses from all over the world.

Twice chosen as the "World's Best Optician" at the International Optical Exhibition in Milan.

Regarding lens replacement and frame adjustment

This product comes with non-prescription lenses, but the lenses can be replaced as glasses.

Please use the nearest GLOBE SPECS store.

Nagoya Sakae dealer

G-PANTO is named after "Gros" which means "large" or "thick" in French.

We added a Scie SPECS twist to the trendy voluminous design.

Combining a French traditional frame with mirror lenses that were popular in surf culture in the 1980s, this is an unlikely new design born from the fusion of completely different eras and cultures.

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