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[Scye] Press Croco Dress Belt Dark Brown

[Scye] Press Croco Dress Belt Dark Brown

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Press Croco Dress Belt

A slender belt with a crocodile pattern embossed on cowhide.

The surface is made of three pieces of leather and has a glossy surface that can be seen.

The back side is soft It's tanned so it won't damage your bottoms.

Since the interlining is also made of leather, it will not lose its shape and can be used for a long time.

Although it is slim, it stays securely in place, making it a great belt to wear with casual wide pants or dresses.

It is embossed with a luxurious feel, so it will stand out even more if you match it with your special pants.

It will be a unisex item.


S: Total length 99cm Width 2cm Waist minimum 73cm ~ maximum 88cm

M: Total length 106cm width 3cm Waist min. 79cm ~ max. 94cm



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