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A leather tote released by LENO.

The good looks, the lightness, the size, all of which really captivate me.

Totes is an English word that means "seriously" or "completely."

The correct answer is Tote bag.

The bag we are introducing is a tote made from cowhide.

This leather is washable!

The leather is made using ECCO's DriTan™ method and can be cleaned with water.

Leather is a material that is easily affected by water, such as the color fading when it gets wet and the texture of the leather becoming hard after drying.

The tanning and dyeing processes increase the dye fastness, making the leather resistant to washing and retaining its texture, shape, and strength.

It may be possible to wash it in the washing machine, but it is best to wash it by hand.

The size is just right for everyday use.

A4 size can fit comfortably into school, work, or shopping.

Best of all, it's made of lightweight material, so you can take it with you without any hesitation.

The commitment to BAG varies considerably depending on lifestyle.

The basics are what to carry, where to carry it, and how much luggage to carry.

It takes a lot of effort to change it every time depending on the coordination and purpose,

Sometimes you forget to put it in.

In that respect, a simple and high-quality leather tote is a very versatile item.

Personally, I like the high-density weather cloth lining, the two-ply leather bottom, and the wrinkled surface.

Materials and tailoring that can be used for a long time.

It is said to be a leather with increased luster. I'm looking forward to seeing how it gets used.

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