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We have started carrying the eyewear line created by Scye and GLOBESPECS.

This project started because Mr. Okada of GLOBE SPECS, who loves clothes, wears Scye, and the members of SKYE, who like glasses, wear GLOBE SPECS eyewear.

This is a collection that combines the rich experience and sensibilities of both parties, and weaves together the classic worldview and the atmosphere of the times from both the world of fashion and the world of eyewear.

Eyewear has a huge presence in the fashion scene.

Many fashion icons such as artists and musicians wear items that match their style.

Personally, I not only like it, but I also have bad eyesight, so it's very necessary as a gear.

In the past, I used to wear items from overseas brands, but ever since I came across frames made by an eyeglass craftsman in Sabae, I have been using Japanese items.

This time, I was drawn to ScieSPECS that I came across at a rhinoceros exhibition, and decided to develop it.

Speaking of GLOBESPECS, do you know about the representative, Mr. Okada, and the stores in Shibuya and Daikanyama?

When I heard that we were twice selected as the "World's Best Optician" at the International Optical Exhibition in Milan,

You can see that its value is shared throughout the world.

The eyewear selected from all over the world is all attractive and we would like you to check it out in our store.

This time, I came to have the G-PANTO that I also purchased adjusted.

I carefully adjusted the FT many times, but

It is surprisingly comfortable to wear and the service level is top-notch.

I'm thinking of changing the lenses for next spring/summer, so

I would like to visit you again in that case.

The model we selected was the new model 2.

The models are G-PANTO and P-COMBO2.

The thick frame gives it a strong presence.” G-PANTO”

blow model” P-COMBO2”

Both are eyewear that brings out the charm of the wearer.

Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it also has the presence and playfulness of vintage eyewear.

We hope you enjoy our eyewear that matches your clothes and lifestyle.

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