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Scye SPECS 2nd edition


New products are arriving one after another starting early in the new year.

First of all, we are reprinting the Scye SPECS P-BAR and HEX-BAR that we offered at the exhibition.

A collaboration line between the apparel company Scye and the eyewear company GLOBE SPECS.
This model was announced in the 2021 collection and completed immediately.



P-BAR's theme is round style.

“Scye” is a style based on traditional and authentic styles with a twist to suit the mood of the moment. As is typical of ``Scye'', the traditional style has been reinterpreted with a modern approach.

Reproduced by arranging the size of RONBAR, a valuable frame from the 1930s. There is also engraving on the bridge, which is rare for vintage bridges.

HEX-BAR has been updated by adding a hexagon frame to the P-BAR round.

Made of titanium material, it is extremely light and you won't even feel the weight of it on you.

The size is well balanced and recommended for everyday use.

Amid the return to traditional fashion, metal frames with a classic feel are recommended this season.

We have colored lenses and clear lenses available, so we hope you can choose one that matches your styling.

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