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Background, Mr. O and Mr. M.

Actually, I personally don't like denim.

Denim loses color and changes shape.

There was a time when I was hesitant about that.

Scye's denim is what erased that way of thinking.

After all, everyone wearing these was attractive.

I'm fascinated by the pattern work and the use of materials, and it's sitting in my closet.

This time I would like to introduce some of my favorite items.

・Lightweight Denim Chore Jacket

Denim jackets are popularly known as coveralls in Japan.

In Europe and America, it is called Chore Jacket.

"Chore" means "chore/work" and is based on the jacket worn by farm workers as a work jacket.

This blouson is an easy-to-wear version of the chore jacket made from light-weight denim.

First of all, the shape is not what you would call a coverall.

An A-line silhouette reminiscent of a tailored jacket called a smoking jacket.

It can be imagined from the fact that Sai is based on Edwardian style.

At that time, long outerwear called tailcoats were the mainstay.

It was a time when workwear was changing to shorter lengths, and it would have been the same if workwear had been tailored like a tailor.

Even though it is workwear, it gives an elegant impression.

The large pockets and corduroy on the collar and sleeves create a nice accent.

Compared to the previous navy, it has a nice added color and is very nice.

Of course, while making it as a work jacket by reinforcing it with rivets and punching,

The three-dimensional sleeves and shape typical of a rhinoceros give this jacket a tailored elegance.

You can imagine how you can wear it by turning up the collar or rolling up the sleeves.

・Wide leg jeans

The thickest model among the denim that Sai offers.

Wide straight with a gentle tapered pattern that falls neatly to the hem when worn.

It's one size thicker than the previous model, giving it even more volume.

I own several of them in different sizes, and this is how they compare to the ones from the year before last.

You can see that they are brushing up on Sai's classics.

The same type that I have been using for about 15 years.

2nd year and current model

By tightening the large waist with a belt, you can enjoy the volume from the hips to the hem.

The deep rise design provides a relaxed fit and allows you to wear it for a traditional yet elegant look when tucked in.

The material is San Joaquin cotton rope-dyed with indigo, and the more you wear it, the more it feels comfortable against your skin and has a dry texture.

The larger size is designed to be worn with a belt, so please keep this in mind when making your selection.

If you use a slender rhinoceros belt with it, it will create a great atmosphere.

This is available in unisex sizes.

It is a masterpiece of wide jeans that does not have an excessive design, uses basic denim as a base, uses thick material, and has a well-calculated pattern.

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