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Scye has been available since A/W this season.

There are many delicate items with carefully calculated designs and pattern work that cannot be seen just by looking at them .

There is a quality that can only be seen through the sleeves.

Sai items are basically universal.

Actually, that's not the case.

Even the same model is brushed up each season to reflect the level of perfection and the atmosphere of the moment.

The number of millimeters and how many times the pattern of the clothes is carefully calculated to match the fabric and size, and the degree of perfection is extremely high.

Starting this season, we have a chino series and denim line made from San Joaquin cotton.

Both are classic and historical items,

The products, which are created by incorporating tailoring and pattern work from the Edwardian era in England, have a high level of perfection that cannot be found anywhere else.

These two series are items that have aspects of work clothes, such as work and military, and are constructed from a concept that is suitable for movement rather than a silhouette.

What about Scye?

I personally interpret it as work, military, and dress.

The tailoring and ease of movement to protect the body as work or military wear are done in British bespoke style. This is done by patterning.

The Edwardian era was a time of change from the elegant aristocratic style of the Victorian era to a more functional style.

After the Industrial Revolution of the Victorian era, the number of inferior, mass-produced products increased, and there was also a movement to return to the tailoring seen in medieval handicrafts, as seen in the Arts and Crafts movement.

Bespoke tailoring allows for functionality such as ease of movement and ease of wear.

The denim line we will be introducing this time.

The item also incorporates that tailoring and pattern.

[SCYE BASICS] Selvedge Denim Trucker Jacket

There is Sai's signature pattern work called pivot sleeves.

The part from the hem of the side line to the cuffs is tailored to connect,

The range of motion and smooth lines are overwhelmingly different from the normal sleeve attachment called set-in.

In addition to the pattern, the angle at which the fabric is used has been carefully calculated, making it smooth when worn through the sleeves and maintaining the silhouette even when the elbows are adjusted.

With pattern work that can be seen from the early denim jackets,

It blends with the original linear design of the 2nd model denim jacket, giving it a loose fit and a cool fit that doesn't show any wrinkles when worn.

This is the same model that I have been using for about 2 years.
After washing it several times, the surface has become fluffy and has started to fall off.
The shape was nice and beautiful from the beginning, but it has gotten even better as I have worn it.
In addition to the good silhouette, the stitching is sturdy and you can wear it without any problem.
The detachable color 3rd that I bought about 10 years ago is still going strong.

[SCYE BASICS] Selvedge Dniem Peg Top Jeans

Here is the bottom line using this pivot sleeve.

We have added a gusset to the hips, which was originally designed to make it easier to open your legs when riding.

Scye has pattern work that connects from the inner thigh of the right foot to the tip of the left foot, so It produces a rounded shape like a top, which is shaped like a pear or fig and is called a peg top.

As expected, the range of motion is wide and there is no unpleasant tension, so the color fades more beautifully vertically than regular denim pants.

Since peg top trousers were used for horseback riding,

Peg top jeans also have a traditional sports image.

You can also match it with a jacket or shirt,

You can also come casually to match the street interpretation.

The design is designed to tighten the waist with a belt, so

It is important to choose the size when choosing the thickness.

It has a different impression from regular work jeans,

Recommended not only for those who like denim, but also for those who don't like it.

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