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Scye _styling for holiday

Winter coordination is full of fun.

Traveling, shopping, dating, and visiting the shrine for the first time.

Let's wear your favorite clothes and go out!

_Scye for winter lunch

tops: [Scye] Waxed Cotton Motorcycle Jacket

inner: [BRU NA BOINNE] Phantom Turtle T No. 3

Bottoms: [ScyeBasics] San Joaquin Cotton Chino 41Khaki Trousers


For my first holiday lunch in a while, I decided to go to a cafe I hadn't been to recently.

Today I am riding a Vespa and looking dashing.

Rocked by Britpop,

If you use tartan check on the inner and muffler Think of the streets of London.

Outerwear with a beautiful silhouette will lift your mood.

Now, let's go for a walk around town.

_Scye for winter live

tops: [Scye] Wool Cotton Gaberdine Harrington Jk

[SCYE BASICS] Selvedge Denim Trucker Jacket


Bottoms: [SCYE BASICS] Selvedge Dniem Peg Top Jeans

Goods: [SCYEBASICS] Fleece Back Jersey Hooded Scarf

Scye SCYEBASICS apartir Nagoya Select Shop Coordination

Today, I get to meet Noel at an outdoor concert.

You can participate in the biggest event of the year.

Today, the best clothes are from Scye, which brings British tailoring back into the modern era.

Even if you have an active style, don't forget to be fashionable.

He is the origin of my fashion.

Deliver it to him.

There is no doubt that fans from the past will come to the venue with their own style,

I'm sure this combination will work for him too.

During the live performance, turn your outerwear inside out to reveal the tartan check.

_Scye for winter dinner

tops: [SCYE BASICS] Loden Cloth Double-Breasted Blazer


Bottoms: [SCYE] Loden Cloth Tailored Trousers

Goods: [Scye] Leather New Basic Belt


Today I had dinner with my special girlfriend.

I reserved a seat with a great view of the Towers.

Everything is ready.

Because I usually wear American casual clothes,

If you wear it properly once in a while, I'm sure you'll be happy.

As usual, I wear a cap and chukka boots.

To a new me.

Next time, let's wear jacket pants with denim or chinos.

_Scye for New Year's Visit

tops: [SCYEBASICS] Super140 Wool Melton DB Overcoat

[ScyeBasics] San Joaquin Cotton Chino Work Jacket

inner: [SCYEBASICS] Fleece Back Jersey Sweatshirt

Bottoms: [SCYEBASICS] Chino Pleated Trousers

Goods: [Scye] Press Croco Dress Belt

Scye & SCYEBASICS Long Coat Setup Coordination apartir Nagoya Select Shop

Today, I went out to visit Yasaka Shrine.

Celebrate New Year's Eve while enjoying the cityscape of Kyoto from noon.

Let's get in the mood for the new year and enjoy being fashionable.

You don't need a tie, but if you like beautiful eyes, you'll want to wear it as a set.

The innerwear has a college print with ivy in mind.

We expected to be lined up on New Year's Eve, which is usually crowded.

With this year's new long coat from Scie, you'll be stylish even in the cold.

I want to wear this coat until 10 years from now.

Remember today in 10 years.

I've worn a lot of different clothes.

Even so, it is a masterpiece that can be worn for a long time, has unparalleled quality, and is loved by many.

Please add it to your closet.

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