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OLDNEW old and new

It's almost time for the outerwear to come out.
I wrote this for a long time, so please bear with me for a while.
It has something distinctly different from Sokarakashi, pushing aside the standard brands that are a little outdated.
I want to wear this item because it's such an item.

Different people are particular about how they dress, and tailoring and design go together to bring them closer to that image.
I think there are many different interpretations that can be made when looking at this outerwear.
I came here thinking of Che Guevara and McQueen, but what do you think?
It might be Paul McCartney or Sid Vicious.
It feels like all of Sai's waxed cotton jackets have their roots.

Diagonal zip, corduroy cut on the collar, and tartan check on the back.
Designs and patterns with a high level of perfection that come from our knowledge of British masterpieces.
You can leave the collar up, and the belt at the waist can be left hanging or tied in front.
It's worth arranging.
The length is about the same as a jacket, so the bottoms can be wide or slim to completely change the look.
Although the trend in length is still long, it seems that many people are looking for this area after seeing their fully stocked closets.
Please enjoy the essence of the collection line.

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