LENO SPRING/SUMMER START - apartir Online Store


Which brands should we introduce in conjunction with the shop opening?
How should we promote this opportunity?
Rather than buying a lot of brands, we would like to develop products that we know the basics of fabrics and designs.

We have selected brands that we feel comfortable wearing and that our customers will feel the same way about.


Originally a women's brand, I first learned about this brand a few years ago when they launched a men's line.

The first time I met you was a regular company.

It was a denim jacket called BIG DENIM TRUCKER JACKET.
At the time, I bought it because of the good silhouette and the feel of the material.
The more you know about us, the more we are particular about manufacturing.

The vintage details and size adjustment are wonderful.
This collection gives you a European feel when you put it through the sleeves.

This time, only belts and socks are in stock, so we will introduce the clothes later.

We stock both women's and men's clothing, so
Please take a look.

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