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LENO's third DENIM.


Recently, Paris Fashion Week has been held in France, and people are excited to see new clothes.

In July, an exhibition will be held by our major customers, so next year's spring/summer purchasing will begin.

It's one of the ways to enjoy fashion with a variety of brands that are working on new designs and brands that are refining the same thing.

This impulse, which appears every six months, has an indispensable sense of dynamism,

Among them, there are only a limited number of items that fit you, and when they are carefully selected and displayed in stores, they increase their value.

My wardrobe tells me that there is always value in newness, but it is an essential element in satisfying this urge.

On the other hand, from a manufacturing perspective, the promotions that are repeated every six months and reduce the value of products are a sad cycle.

It's only the beginning of summer, so I can't help but wonder what kind of values ​​they are selling their clothes in as they battle to appeal their prices.

I am also telling myself this even though I was on the front lines of a worthless battle.

It's about time for the introduction.

This is the third time we will be introducing LENO denim that we carry at our store.


Trousers with a distinctive back style, as the name suggests.

It is based on workwear used by the French National Railways, SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français ), in the 1940s and 1950s.

In the vintage market, it is a highly valuable item because the details are shaped like European work, and it is difficult to find items that are in good condition and match the size.

Workwear was an essential part of my wardrobe, and I collected American, French, and British items.

SNCF's trousers are actually made from a brown cotton material called duck fabric.

The buckle is tailored to suit the various body types of railway workers, and there are buttons that can be attached to the suspenders.

What's more, the fact that they have belt loops makes them look like work pants.

I admire the elaborate details of the time, as I can't find one of these in today's streamlined work pants.

You won't find any other product where LENO has faithfully customized this detail and replaced the fabric with denim.

The design of Japanese-made denim is highly acclaimed around the world, and LENO's unique attention to detail can be seen in the sewing of each part.

Sewing each part.

Chain stitch around the hips, wrap stitches everywhere else.

This prevents excessive puckering.

However, I am not too careful about using double stitches to compensate for the loss of strength.

This will ensure that it will not lose its shape even after being worn for many years and will look good.

It's amazing how the length of the backstitch at the buckle is changed in the tension area.

The fabric is white selvedge denim woven using a power loom using uneven threads mainly made of rice cotton.

It is woven slowly without putting too much tension on the threads, giving it a vintage-like texture with an uneven surface.

Since they are 12oz, they are light and very easy to wear from the beginning.

The larger size can be worn tightly cinched at the waist, making it a unisex item.

At the time of the exhibition, this model was available as a men's model, but the response from women's buyers was so positive that a women's size range was added.

Our store also has sizes starting from 0.

For those with a very narrow waist, it is a good idea to stop the carry-out part up to the button on the suspender side.

At this time of year, you can match it with a T-shirt or polo shirt.

Pair it with a Basque shirt for a refreshing look.

Is it an image of a deck crew?

I can't wait to wear it with a BIG TRUCKER JACKET and a denim set in the upcoming season.

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