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Come to think of it, this is where the encounter begins.


Denim jackets have had many encounters and partings over the years.

Although it has a standard shape, this product has a deep depth due to various creations such as eras and brands.

It has various names, such as a G-jean and a trucker jacket.

A few years ago, I saw it at a shop, and it was an item that stood out among the many other products.


Hanging on a hanger, the relaxed atmosphere and well-regulated size of the parts are impressive.

The first thing that caught my eye was the sewing of the T-back and the design of the buckle.

The design was elaborate enough to convey the quality just by looking at it.

When I picked it up and looked back at the front, I saw briefs and large flap pockets.

From what I know, I think this is a brand that is familiar with the 1ST model.

When you try it on, it covers all the areas where you want a drop shoulder and a length that isn't too short.

Unfortunately, the one that would have been the best size for me was sold out, so I couldn't buy it.

After that, I started to like LENO's creations for shirts and pants.

It has become a brand that I absolutely want to carry in my own shop, and this time I purchased a denim jacket.If you take the time to look at the details, you will notice the attention to detail, such as the square or flat rivets, and the combination of brass and chrome on the buckle. I started to see it and fell in love with it even more.

We have been following the sale since its opening, and it has received good reviews from customers, and we can trust it as a unisex item that we can recommend.

The fabric is 13.5OZ original fabric made in Japan.

I've been wearing mine for a few months now, and the fabric is starting to feel soft, but because it's a thin yet sturdy fabric, it hasn't lost its shape.

This is probably because the fabric here is also made from original material.

I'm looking forward to wearing it for a long time and seeing it shrink and expand over and over again.

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