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LENO bar collar coat

Baru collar coat.

A Japanese-made English version called a stainless steel coat is more popular.

Both are interpreted as the same coat, but there is a slight difference.

LENO COAT Reno coat Val collar coat Stainless steel collar coat

The Balmachan coat is so named because the collar of the coat, which has a collar, single front, and raglan sleeve design, is called a Bal collar.

Since it is a bar collar coat, it is also called a bar collar coat.

Bar color is The collar is high at the back of the waist and folds back low toward the front,

It is called stand and fall collar in English.

This came to be called a stencil collar.

The stainless steel collar coat is designed with set-in sleeves and a collar that extends all the way to the tip of the collar, so there is a difference between the collar and sleeve attachment.

LENO has released such a historic coat.

Actually, this coat was previously released by the same brand and was a popular item, but it has not been released in the past few seasons.

This time, we are now able to produce the cotton and polyester fabrics that were used in the early days, so this is a long-awaited resale.

This fabric is a masterpiece.

100% cotton was also released with a liner,

These days of warm winters, this fabric is unbeatable.

It is water repellent and breathable, so you can wear it regardless of the season.

It has a relaxed design typical of LENO, and the firm fabric creates a beautiful silhouette.

The gloss characteristic of polyester is suppressed by slightly brushing the surface, giving it a moist texture that gives it an elegant impression.

The tailoring is done at a prestigious factory in Tohoku, and details such as storm pockets and single sleeves are also very appealing.

As an outerwear for spring, this coat can be worn in fall and winter, depending on the inner layer, and is sure to improve your style.

It is available in unisex sizes, so both women and men should take advantage of this opportunity.

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