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Recommended coordination suggestions for the LENO POP UP TOUR.
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One of the joys of fall and winter is choosing fabrics: wool, mohair, and corduroy.
LENO is characterized by original fabrics that not only have good silhouettes but also bring out the best of each item.
It is a brand that knows vintage well, is particular about making items that can be used for a long time, and is a brand that brings out its charm by wearing it.
In fall and winter, you can layer many items, so you can enjoy coordinating with different fabrics.
In this season when there are temperature differences, heat retention and functionality are required, so these characteristics are useful.
Mohair is goat hair, long and durable.
Enjoy the unique brushed feel and flowing pile by wearing it as a cardigan.
Depending on the innerwear, you can wear it from autumn to mid-winter, and if you add some colors and patterns, it will create a great atmosphere.
Lino's cardigan has good color and beautiful linking, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful silhouette with no steps from the shoulder line to the ribs.
The V-zone of the placket is a little shallower, making it easy to open and close, and the design has followed the weak points well.
Kid mohair from South Africa is a luxurious material with suppleness and luster.
Of course you can wear a shirt as an inner layer, but we also recommend wearing it casually with a basque shirt or high neck T-shirt.
For bottoms, why not add more elegance with corduroy?
The loose design complements the rough-looking cardigan.
If you pair it with corduroy that has neatly aligned ridges, you can create a style that makes a difference in the feel of the fabric.
This is a season where there is a large temperature difference between day and night,
If you add a stole to your small items, you can easily cope with the cold nights.
In any case, I feel like getting a larger size and wrapping it in a way that gives it a sense of volume.
Pair your feet with leather shoes to create an overall style that doesn't look too casual.
Full of French elements with a well-balanced tricolor of red, white, and navy blue.
Even if the color seems a little bold, the material will bring it together and make it stand out from other styles.
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