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Is it a duffel?

A pea coat?


LENO's coat is excellent.

Yes, you can cut it.

I personally use it, and the silhouette and comfort are guaranteed.

This season's purchases include the classic duffel coat and pea coat.

Long or medium length?

Don't stop at such a choice.

Some of you may already own a LENO duffel coat.

Lightness and comfort overturn that image.

Duffel coats have the image of being heavy, but LENO's duffel coats are made from an original fabric that is a blend of cashmere and wool, and the slightly dropped shoulders disperse the load on the shoulders, making them very easy to wear. Masu.

Melton is a material that is usually compressed after it is manufactured.

By repeatedly shrinking and cutting the yarn and then knitting it, it maintains its strength and warmth without being stiff.

Although it has a spacious size, its three-dimensional form prevents wrinkles or excessive excess, which is excellent.

The three limited toggles are grouped together at the top, giving the length of the garment a nice balance.

The small hood fits well and gives an elegant impression.

Even the chin stock and hem belt are faithfully tailored to keep you warm from the cold.

I feel that it is well made.

This season, P coat has been newly added.

A mid-length version of the same material is used to create a P-coat design.

Reno P Coat Nagoya Select Shop

The famous 1940s design called 13 Star is made with the finest materials and finished in a form that is typical of LENO.

The double front has 10 buttons that stop all the way to the top.

By placing the upper collar upright and attaching a strap, it covers your neck and keeps you warm even in extremely cold weather.

The pockets are the original slant pockets that keep your hands warm and are cheap.

The corduroy lining also feels very comfortable and you'll want to put your hands on it.

The slightly dropped shoulders and loose width create a silhouette and comfort that is typical of LENO.

If you look closely, you'll notice that it's lined with satin, and while it's slippery, it also has a slightly uneven surface that generates heat as you move, providing warmth.

This is unique to a brand that knows the tailoring techniques unique to that time.

The middle length is recommended for customers who don't like long lengths or for those who often ride trains, cars, or bicycles.

This elegant button is not an ostentatious anchor button, so you can use it for a long time.

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