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``LENO'' denim pants selected at our store.



These 2 types are currently in stock.

Among the many denim options, we recommend this one.

This time we will be introducing the women's item KAY.


Kay was named after Marilyn Monroe's character Kay Weston in ``River of No Return.''

The fabric is made in Japan using 12OZ woven using an old shuttle machine, and only the selvedge part is used.

The 12OZ fabric is a light fabric for denim, and it is easy to express your expression by wearing it.

The best part is that you can grow the denim into your own specifications by repeatedly stretching and shrinking, gradually changing its color and shape.

The high waist is tightly cinched, the hips are loose, and the silhouette falls from there, making your length look long and beautiful.

It is an ideal shape that is both boyish and feminine.

How about adding contrast to your look with LENO's PETITE TEE or TANK TOP?

In addition to the shape,

What makes it so appealing is the fact that it is made by researching the vintage denim mentioned above, and the brass rivets, leather patches, and other details are carefully crafted.

Also the color of the ears.

Denim is inspired by vintage and blends in with modern styles, making it an item you can use for a long time, so we'd be happy to add it to your wardrobe.

Regarding the size, please choose according to your style.

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