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It's been half a year since we opened in July.

Although I feel confused in a new environment, I am buoyed by the support of the people I have met and the new encounters I have made.

Thank you.

Tomorrow is Tanabata, July 7th, and these days we feel how quickly the seasons change.

With new wishes in mind, we will continue to do business to brighten the lives of our customers.

Today, the temperature is 37 degrees.

It looks like it's going to be a pleasant day with the high sun and bright cityscape.

Fashion during this period requires clothing that lifts the mood and is well-made to withstand harsh environments.

Culotte pants.

Not carrot pants. This is shorts in French.

I myself often wear this item in the summer, and it's an item that will be useful until early fall.

In the past few seasons, I have been biased towards functional materials such as nylon.

What I'm looking for this year is something a little more mature.

Made from cotton and wool fabrics in search of a style that blends in with the city.

LENO is already popular at our store.

"Double belted Gurkha short trousers".

It can be said to be the best item to have this season.

The tightly cinched waist and tucked bulge silhouette are key points.

The double belt design at the waist allows you to adjust the size.

Provides an outstanding leg lengthening effect when tucked in.

These Gurkha pants are based on the Italian army of the 1960s.

It has an elaborate design with a tuck around the buttocks and a high waist, even down to the back style.

I actually own these Italian military pants and when I compare them, there are many differences.

While faithful to the design, the deep tuck has been changed from out to in tuck.

This is a product where you can feel the creator's attention to detail, such as adding a back pocket and creating an original buckle.

The gathers are deep, so it's difficult to see where the gathers go all the way to the back pockets.

As expected, changing to intuck reduces outward bulge,

It also suppresses the opening of the inner thighs when worn, making your silhouette look beautiful.

The fabric is made of sturdy cotton twill and has a firm feel, while

I also like that it's not too thick.

I'm sure you'll be looking forward to the updated atmosphere in a few years.

Adjustment is possible with the belt,

It is a good idea to choose the perfect size for the waist in anticipation of it becoming softer.

Since the rise is deep, you may want to go for a smaller size than regular rise pants.

Of course, if you want it to fit around your waist, it will be your usual size.

In summer, wear T-shirts and open-collared shirts.

In autumn, wear navy blue and cardigan.

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