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SCYEBASICS_San Joaquin Cotton Blazer & Military Chino

1st place every year.
A cotton set that you'll want as the season begins.
Scye's San Joaquin cotton series has been a staple material for the past few seasons.
The cotton material takes on a soft look when worn, but the high density of the material gives it a beautiful luster and color, setting it apart from the work materials that are all over the place.
A jacket whose name has been changed to blazer.
The shoulder stitching and waist shape have been changed to ensure that the garment lives up to its name.
The slightly shorter length and the three-dimensional effect created by the rounded shoulders and pockets are the result of technical patterning, and the technique used to sew it is of extremely high quality.
For pants, we have selected military chinos, which are easy to wear and look fresh in the spring and summer, and go well with casual tops.
Whether you are familiar with the 41 Khaki or not, this beautiful silhouette and vintage details will be a satisfying piece.
Recommended for everyday use and work.
Be sure to add this well-tailored casual set to your wardrobe.
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