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“order jumper” in syn. (synonym)

“order jumper” in syn. (synonym)

Choosing a blouson can be overwhelming.

It's not an item with fixed details like a jacket.

"JUMPER" by syn., which will be introduced at this event, is a product that solves this problem.

syn., who is planning this product, has an attractive approach and is a custom clothing store that is very particular about its products.

The same goes for how I dress.

I don't limit my client's style too much.

I believe that the way a person wears any kind of clothing changes depending on the person's appearance and lifestyle.

Recommendation as a single item may be strong .

From time to time , I'm always on the lookout for really great products, and I want to share the items I come across with my customers.

When looking for clothes that suit you, one of the most important factors is their functionality as everyday wear.

I often incorporate items such as dresses, work, military, and outdoor into my outfits.

However, instead of wearing a costume-like style based on the same theme, I make it a point to wear city casual style to match the TPO.

When it comes to such an outfit, a blouson is quite difficult to match.

Are you going to fight? Are you going to climb a mountain? This is because it tends to give an impression that is far removed from everyday life, such as going to a coal mine.

The blouson we will be introducing this time is "JUMPER" by syn.

Based on the blouson born in the 60's, it is a traditional item that blends well into city casual style.

Perhaps that's where the name "JUMPER" comes from, which we don't hear much about anymore.

As for the shape, it has a short length and a wide body for a relaxed fit.

To me, the image is similar to a spay jacket or a G-jean.

The zip-up placket gives it a light feel, and I'm drawn to the fact that the brass zip isn't too much.

The waist pockets are patched, but the rounded edges and clean details without gussets are a nice touch without being too overpowering.

The shape of the collar is also sharp with the long detail of the tip of the sword, which is a great focal point for the handsome face.

The back yoke and sepa are well made and you can feel the quality of the construction.

In this respect, it does not stretch as much as ribbed tailoring, so you can rest assured about its durability.

You can add your own identity to this, such as the outer fabric, buttons, sleeve length, and dress length, so don't you get excited when you think that you can get a masterpiece that won't overlap with other people who can make it on their own?

As outer fabrics, we have newly proposed highly functional fabrics such as Ventile and Ripstop that have been passed through Apartir's filter.

Also, how about something with a sense of spirit, such as ZEGNA, which is made of high-quality fabric and casually tailored?

Items that reflect the customer's designs in well-finished designs captivate those around them.

Please take advantage of this opportunity, which can only be found at our store in Nagoya.



[syn. JUMPER fair]

Period: 6/1 (Thursday) - 6/11 (Sunday)

Instagram live: 5/26 (Fri) 21:00~21:45

guest@syn._synonym _

Venue: PIVOT Nayabashi 4F apartir, 5-24-9 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya

Delivery date: Scheduled for late August.

*Reservations will be given priority during the exhibition period.

Please DM or call us.

-syn. (synonym) “order jumper”-

-The design is based on American vintage from the 1960s, and features a loose fit and short length.

- Authentic design with WALDES fan-shaped zipper and rounded details.

- Available in 3 sizes (S/M/L), sleeve length and dress length can be adjusted, and fabric and buttons can be selected.

・During the exhibition period, we will be offering 10% off our stock fabrics for the fabrics you choose.

-Reference price-

・Casual fabric

We now have our recommended casual fabrics such as Ventile and Ripstop.

The price is ¥70,000~(+tax).

The new casual fabric will also be available for regular orders from now on.

・Stock fabric 10% OFF


The normal price is ¥100,000~(+tax), but it is ¥90,000~(+tax).

During this period, this will also apply to regular orders.

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