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KUME.JP now available

Do you know about the cut and sew manufacturer called Kume Textile Industry?

Some of you may have seen the KUME.JP package.

This is a long-established manufacturer founded in 1935 and located in downtown Tokyo.

We have been manufacturing T-shirts since 1950, and at that time in Japan, the name was not even known and people did not recognize it as a fashion item.

The second generation, Nobuichi Kume, aspired to be a star on the Hollywood silver screen, and began selling domestically produced outer T-shirts to increase recognition.

I have a long relationship with T-shirts and have worn many brands, but I love this T-shirt that I recently purchased from a shop.

Our store sells made-to-order items, but we also offer cut-and-sew innerwear as an alternative to the jacket.

Especially for those of us who like basics, we place emphasis on shape, color, comfort, and durability when purchasing, and after several years of continuous wear, this one has cleared all of those criteria.

Above all, the variety of colors and sizes is perhaps the best.

Another thing is JAPAN QUALITY.

Since T-shirts are the closest thing to the skin, they must have good texture, friction, stretch, and water absorption, and this quality cannot be surpassed by Japanese spinning and sewing.

These and other cut-and-sew items have long been standard items, and we have been enthusiastically negotiating with them since before we opened because we believe this is the only item we can offer in our stores, and we highly recommend that you purchase them at least once.

This time, I have selected the following:

・01 T-shirt ¥2,750~

・02T-shirt ¥3,300~

・03 High neck long T-shirt ¥4,180~

・01 Trainer ¥5,390~

・Sey Young T-shirt ¥2,530~

We have a wide variety of colors and sizes available.

Due to the manufacturer's wishes, we are unable to accept payment for this item at the online shop.

Please contact the store for details.

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