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Please come with the dress code "BLACK TIE".

Although I am far from such a place,

I often go to weddings, dinner parties, and classic social gatherings.

In Europe, it's the basics of being a gentleman.

When I went on a trip to France, I couldn't enter some stores because they didn't like this code.

So, ``Let's go wear a black tie.'' This is a mistake.

It means "Please come wearing a tuxedo."

The tuxedo was originally intended as a semi-formal evening wear, but in modern times it is considered a formal dress along with the tail coat.

It is said to have originated in the United States in the 1880s when it was worn in a social gathering called Tuxedo Park.

Tuxedo is an American term that is called a ``dinner jacket'' in the UK and a ``smoking jacket'' in France.

Tuxedos are derived from place names.

After that, the tailcoat became the formal attire for the evening, and the tuxedo became the semi-formal attire for the day.

It was originally a red jacket and tailcoat pants, but

In modern times, there are various styles of collars, and the most common ones are peak lapels and shawl collars made of custom-made silk.

This collar design was originally the lining of stand-up collar jackets, and its meaning can be understood from the history and origin of the lapel.

Where there is a black tie dress code, you must wear a tuxedo.

You will need to dress accordingly.

First, the shirt is a white pleated shirt with a bow tie.

Shoes: black opera pumps or leather shoes with inner feathers.

If possible, I would like to have a cummerbund and a chief.

A cane and a hat will add even more atmosphere.

"Apartir Tailler"'s custom-made wear includes not only the groom's tuxedo, but also dress wear that would look great on such occasions.

Tuxedos are available for rent, but since they are meant to be worn on special occasions, we recommend having them made to order.

Since you don't have many opportunities, wearing carefully selected clothes will make you shine even more.

We are also looking for items that can be worn as everyday wear.

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