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àpartir tailleur "bespoke" gurkha trousers

“Special order”

"BESPOKE" in English.

Any standard item can have even more rarity value with just one touch.

However, there is no point in taking too much or too little.

While drawing on the design, pattern, sewing, etc. that the item originally had,

It's still a good product, but I'll adjust the amount depending on who I am.

To be honest, it's a great honor and fun for me to open a store and become a buyer.

This time, I would like to introduce you to the ``Gurkha trousers'', which have become an item that I have always wanted.

This time, we requested "Calzoni" made by Eminent, one of Japan's leading pants factories.

We are a slacks factory that combines high technology and design that are MADE IN JAPAN .

When styling clothes, I think that trousers are the core of the look and can completely change the image.

There are many different types of trousers.

What I mainly wear is

Mainly chinos, slacks, denim, cargo pants, and work pants.

Among them, slacks are a rare item.

The design is decided within the limited tailoring of a dress,

My interpretation is that in modern times, the image of a suit-wearing subordinate is strong.

I think it is necessary to break away from this role in order to handle it as a single item.

For example, I personally feel that adding a cargo design or wearing easy pants is not the right direction.

This is one answer to a design that successfully incorporates the structured feel of slacks into a casual look.

Gurkha trousers.

・The waist uses a belted adjuster.

-Two-tuck front.

This bespoke product incorporates these two features.

The origin of Gurkha pants is based on the pants used by the Nepalese army under British military rule.

Depending on the era, you may find designs that have two buckles or have long carry outs.

At apartir taiiler, we have made adjustable belts on both the left and right sides based on the British Army Gurkha pants, commonly known as the 1950 pattern.

The functional design allows you to adjust the waist size to accommodate your weight gain or loss while in the military.

This adjustable placket is a distinctive and visual focal point.

The two-tuck design gives it a roomy feel, and the tapered design from the hem to the hem gives it a clean and beautiful silhouette.

The rise is a little deep and the waist fits very well.

The side stitching is chain stitched, and the hips are double stitched, making these trousers more durable than dress slacks, making them easy to use on a daily basis.

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"apartir tailleur"

Custom made Gurka trousers exhibition order event

This time, we will be holding an ordering session where you can choose the fabric, button, and size for this Gurkha-specific design.

Period: 7/1 (Sat) ~ 7/16 (Sun)

Please check our Instagram highlights or the business days page on our website for business days.

If you make a reservation online or via DM, we can respond smoothly.

Fabric: 100 types

Delivery time: 1 and a half months (from late August)

Purchase price: ¥38,500- to ¥44,000- (tax included)

Location: àpartir

PIVOT Nayabashi 4F, 5-24-9 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

Phone number: 052-414-5842

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Bottoms that are perfect for the season when autumn begins.

Please feel free to customize it with your identity.

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